Plasma metal cutting is one of the most widely-used and tested methods for high-precision cuts. An electric arc causes the gas flow temperature to increase well above 20,000 °C. This process turns it into a plasma current capable of cutting the material.

This method supports cutting speeds around 20,000 mm per minute, making it 15% faster than water cutting (the latter has a speed of around 17,000 mm per minute). The thermal impact on the piece is low since the cutting beam is very narrow.

Our plasma pantograph has been recently upgraded with top-notch technology (High Definition Plasma) from Hypertherm, a market leader of this kind of machines. In this manner, we are well equipped to provide cuts with the best finish and greatest accuracy, compared to other machines that do not include this technology.

Plasma cutting is ideal for high-complexity pieces. It is used for simple pieces such as flanges or discs, and even for machines used in the agricultural and automotive industries, among others.

We can also support documentation compatible with the most widely-used design software in the industry (AutoCAD, Catia and SolidWorks), as well as the drawing formats they support (dwg, dxf, JGES, step, sldprt, among others). If requested, our design team can also offer special solutions.


-Workbench: 6000mm x 2000mm
-Maximum thickness: 32mm (1 ¼”)
-Maximum cutting speed: 20000 mm/min
-Tolerance: 0.3 mm

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