We currently have two CNC Hydraulic Metal Shears and three CNC Hydraulic Press Brakes.
In this manner, we make sure that the requested measures are kept within the lowest tolerance ranges.

We are about to acquire a next generation, 4-meter long CNC Hydraulic Press Brake with visual programming, automatic bending calculation and dynamic offset, which enables a stable tolerance throughout the entire matrix.

Our bending machines are ideal for making cabinets, trays, frames, rolls, doors and automotive parts, among others.

Our shears are capable of making high-precision straight cuts and provide a perfect finish.

We can also support documentation compatible with the most widely-used design software in the industry (AutoCAD, Catia and SolidWorks), as well as the drawing formats they support (dwg, dxf, JGES, step, sldprt, among others). If requested, our design team can also offer special solutions.

Characteristics: CNC Hydraulic Press Brakes

  Max. width [m] Max. thickness [mm (in.)] Tolerance [mm]
Small 3 2.5 (Nº12) 0.5
Medium 3 4.75 (3/16) 0.5
Large 4 9.5 (3/8) 0.5
Large 2 12.7 (1/2) 0.5

Characteristics: CNC Hydraulic Shears

  Max. width [m] Max. thickness [mm (in.)] Tolerance [mm]
Small 3 3.18 (1/8) 0.5
Large 3 9.5 (3/8) 0.5

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